Physical Therapy

colorado_spineand_scoliosisPhysical Therapists Make a Difference!

Many people can benefit from Physical Therapy (PT). A construction worker with an injured back… a senior with arthritis… an infant with a birth defect… an Olympic athlete… a person who has had a stroke… a child with a disability… a pregnant woman… or an overstressed business executive. In this diverse group of people, each can benefit in some way from PT.

PTs have the rewarding opportunity to make a positive difference in the quality of people’s lives. Their work involves extensive contact with people – with both patients and other health care professionals.

PT takes a personal and direct approach to meeting an individual’s health needs and wants, whether a patient’s goal is walking independently or breaking a high-jump record. Along with the patient and other health care practitioners, the PT shares the hard work and commitment needed to accomplish each individual patient’s goals.

For people with health problems resulting from injury or disease, PTs assist in the recovery process to make them stronger, relieve their pain, and help them to regain use of an affected limb or to relearn such activities of daily living as walking, dressing, or bathing. Because recovery does not end for patients as soon as they are out of the therapist’s direct care, PTs must teach patients and their families what to do so that healing continues through self-care at home.

PTs also seek to keep people well and safe from injury. They do this by teaching the importance of fitness and showing people how to avoid hurting their bodies at work or play. By designing and supervising individualized conditioning programs, PTs promote optimal physical performance and help health-conscious people to increase their overall fitness level and muscular strength and endurance.