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Lynda Bess, L.Ac., Diploma of OM, provides alternative complementary treatments in Traditional Chinese Medicine which include the benefits of acupuncture, natural herbal formulas and therapeutic hot laser for reduction of pain and inflammation.

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Are Alternative Treatments Right for You?

For those suffering from debilitating pain or a condition doctors can’t seem to treat, alternative medicine may offer some form of relief or simply help patients deal with life-changing health problems. Even healthy people may participate in practices like yoga, homeopathy or acupuncture to try to manage their health more holistically or avoid the chemicals used in standard drugs.

Nearly four out of 10 adults in the U.S. use some form of complementary or alternative medicine. Most of them rely on alternative care, holistic treatments and mind/body practices to supplement, not replace, traditional Western care and established medical treatment programs.

Before you engage in any form of alternative medical care, remember that conventional medicine normally is held to high standards of proven effectiveness and safety. Just because something is natural or holistic doesn’t mean it can’t damage your health or well-being. Talk to your doctor to determine the best way to add alternative medicine treatments into your wellness plan.