Arthroscopic Surgery

The advantages of Arthroscopic surgery are numerous. Arthroscopic surgery provides greater accuracy than X-ray imaging or traditional open surgery. This allows for more comprehensive diagnoses. Recovery is fast, often requiring minimal pain medications. Many arthroscopic surgeries are considered out-patient, allowing discharge after only hours following the procedure.  Return to daily activities is expedited through arthroscopic surgery. However, several weeks are necessary for full joint and mobility restoration.

During arthroscopic surgery, tiny scopes with camera attachments are inserted into joint tissue. These are placed through small, minimalist incisions approximately a pencil width in diameter. The instrumentation itself contains fiber optic cabling. This provides light and imaging. Images transfer to a monitor, allowing the surgeon to view joint tissue and surrounding anatomy.  The surgeon is then able to diagnose and surgically treat injured or damaged tissue without the need for open incisions.


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